Totally Trending: Metallic Clothes

Women's Metallic Shift Dress from Ecote

Totally Trending: Metallic Clothes

Metallic clothes are a hot trend for winter 2011 and 2012.  The reason why is pretty simple: what better than to bring a little sparkle and dazzle when the skies are grey and snow keeps falling?  Whether it’s subtle threads of silver and gold or solid metallic sheen, you’re sure to find something that gives you the glitter you desire.  I know that solid gold or silver clothing can be a little off-putting, though.  Sometimes you just can’t really go all out.  However, there are tons of ways you can rock this trend in a way that makes you feel comfortable and absolutely gorgeous.

Sparkling Metallic Clothes

If you want to try wearing metallic clothes but don’t want to be ostentatious, something subtle but still shiny like this lovely Women’s Metallic Shift Dress from Ecote is the perfect choice.  Due to the neutral base and the style of the shift, it’s not too much at all. Pair something like this with jeans, leggings, or go with just tights if you feel comfortable enough!

Metallic AccessoriesFerocity Purse from Metal Mulisha

You can make the most of the metallic trend with the right accessories, too. Metallic handbags and scarves are your best bet.  I love the subtlety of this Ferocity Purse from Metal Mulisha. You get the metallic glint and accents, but it doesn’t overpower the bag.  Instead, the metal aspects work in harmonious tandem with the handbag’s floral pattern.  Of course, if you’re feeling bold, then look for metallic handbags in brighter colors like hot pink, burgundy, turquoise, or vibrant green.
Metallic Shoes
Women's Accent Metallic Pumps from SeychellesAgain, you don’t have to rely on metallic clothes.  Look for gorgeous metallic shoes as well.  As a student of Sex and the City style, I’m still a big fan of pairing almost any outfit with vivid shoes in eye-catching colors. Blue is extremely popular this season as well, so something like these stunning Women’s Accent Metallic Pumps from Seychelles would make a perfect choice.  A shoe like this would match well with skinny jeans or a gorgeous cocktail dress.  It’s also the kind of shade that looks great with black, so no worries there.

Don’t be afraid to wear metallic clothes this winter.  No matter what your size or style preference, you will be able to find something that works for you.   However, the trend isn’t limited to clothing, so look for glittering handbags, scarves, and shoes as well!

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