Every Girls Needs These Clutches

Women's Clutch
Women love handbags and tend to have a good amount of them in their wardrobe. However, it’s also essential to have different types of clutches to match with your dressy night attire. The reason that a girl needs different clutches is that each one has its own style. Some clutches are able to carry more items (like a camera) when needed while others are ultra slim and ideal for some money and credit cards. Here are some of the top picks we think every woman needs.

Ultra Thin ClutchUltra Thin Clutch
A slender clutch is great for a woman who wants to take minimal items with her while she is out for cocktails. This clutch is also great to put in your larger purse like a tote. It can be used as a sassy wallet to store all of your credit cards and money along with business cards. Forget about fitting your iPhone or blackberry in this baby, but it is great for when you just need some cash and whole lot of style.

Box ClutchBox Clutch
A box clutch is so lady-like. It is very chic and perfect when you are wearing a sexy cocktail dress and heels. Since this type of clutch is wider and rounder than a slim clutch you can put in more items like your phone. This is such a timeless piece that really looks fabulous when you are all dressed up with lots of places to go. We absolutely love box clutches like the ones from Alexander McQueen with the skull closure because it really adds so much character to your little black dress.

Oversized Foldover ClutchOversized Fold Over Clutch
Okay ladies, this clutch is the tote of all clutches. You can easily pile in your belongings like your camera, phone, makeup and money. This is a great go-to clutch that will look nice with a dress but also super hot with a pair of jeans and a blouse. These clutches are not overly dressy but they are fancy enough to really rock your night outfits and the added plus is that they’re big enough to actually hold your things.

Leather Envelope ClutchLeather Envelope Clutch
for the ultimate feminine clutch, the envelope bag is ideal. This type of clutch is very elegant and perfect for extremely dressy attire. While these clutches are very polished that doesn’t mean that they won’t be able to hold your things. An envelope clutch can store your money and makeup and normally your cell phone depending on the size of bag you end up getting. We love these clutches with trouser pants and a satin blouse for happy hour too!

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